Why does Kylian Mbappé celebrate his goals with his arms crossed on his chest?

Kylian Mbappé’s celebration with his arms crossed on his chest and two thumbs up was born after a goal conceded. But not in the field! Not on PlayStation. He was playing FIFA against his little brother Ethan when planted a target, controller in hand.

Mbappé junior then stood up in front of Kylian and improvised this celebration to welcome him. Kylian he was therefore inspired by his little brother. At the end of the match, Ethan said to Kylian, “You could do it in one game!”

He took him at his word and at the first opportunity, a goal against Dortmund in the Champions League while still in Monaco, he unleashed the famous exultant. Specifying to the little brother: “Now I’ll steal it from you, it’s mine!” Is he very close to his little brother, Kylian? Yes, above all because Ethan, now 15, also plays for PSG with the youngsters, he’s a midfielder.

Proof of that brotherly Love, Kylian winked at him on his debut wearing number 29. Because Ethan was born on December 29th.

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