Why does Catalonia not manage to bend the curve if it is the community with the most restrictions?

The infections of covid-19 in Catalonia they continue to be produced, although it is one of the communities with the most restrictions. In the last 24 hours, 47,870 cases and 101 deaths from this virus have been reported, according to the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat.

As for the patients admitted to hospitals, the figure stands at 2,672, 55 more than at the last count. Of those more than 2,000 patients, 529 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Regarding the data of vaccination, the percentage exceeds 80% of those vaccinated with one dose and 77.3% have the complete pattern of the Covid-19 vaccine.

More cases, more restrictions

Catalonia has decided extend all restrictions, except curfew, which will cease to be in force from Thursday to Friday.

The restrictions in Catalonia will be the following: limitation of social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, closure of nightlife and restricted capacity in restaurants, commerce, culture and sports, among others.

However, the Government will review the restrictions every seven days, instead of every two weeks, with the aim that the measures do not last “longer than necessary”.

Why don’t they bend the coronavirus infection curve despite the restrictions? Some experts point out that there “lots of mobility”. “Social interactions can be done at any time or possible contagion can be done at any time and anywhere,” explains Jesús Caballero, from the Catalan Society of Intensive and Critical Medicine.

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