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Why do my hands fall asleep at night?

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Night is the time when strange events can happen. When the unconscious awakens and is free to act, when the body gives up its defenses after a long day, abnormal symptoms and sensations can occur. For example, tingling at upper and lower limbs, especially of the hands, it often happens to some people. These are found awakening from sleep with this feeling of numbness, tingling and even pain.

Why do my hands fall asleep at night? Let’s see how this symptom manifests itself and what it could be connected to.

Blood circulation

Generally the limbs fall asleep due to an incorrect position, which in the long run prevents the blood from circulating freely, supplying oxygen.

Although this is the most common cause, it is not the only one. Falling asleep and tingling can also affect legs, feet and arms, and should be monitored when it occurs frequently.

The name by which this sensation is known is paresthesia. The numbness occurs without a specific cause and can last for some time. The sensation experienced is assimilated to the sensation of having a myriad of ants on the skin.

Why do my hands fall asleep at night?

Let’s see the possible causes or pathologies of tingling hands.

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common causes and involves the median nerve. Thanks to this nerve, the limb is able to move and have sensitivity. If the nerve is pinched, the sensation is like a small electric shock. Those with this syndrome often lose sensitivity in the hands, especially at night.

Poor posture, too much work during the day that overloads the joints, especially related to the use of laptops and computers can contribute to the occurrence of tingling. The nerves in the hands suffer greatly from prolonged crushing and can react with this form of night pain.

Osteoarthritis can be one of the reasons for the hands to fall asleep. Caused by thinning of the cartilage, it does not allow the limbs to function properly and causes pain and inflammation.

Water retention due to little movement or a diet too rich in salt can also manifest itself with tingling in the hands, feet and ankles. Circulation in this case exerts pressure and creates the state of sleep.

Tingling in the left hand can occur at times of particular stress and during panic attacks. This behavior and its symptoms must be well monitored.

Problems related to neurological dysfunctions can also manifest themselves with tingling hands. We are talking about vascular dysfunctions, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathies in general.

Another trigger for nocturnal hand falling asleep can result from severe B vitamin deficiency, especially B12. Lack of this nutrient leads to drowsiness, rapid heartbeat, paleness, and numbness of the hands and feet.

If this sensation occurs repeatedly, resulting in pain, skin rashes and muscle weakness, you should contact your doctor and then a specialist. Do a blood test to begin with and check with your doctor if continuing with further checks would be helpful.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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