why did the liner Costa Magica return off the coast

The Costa Magica had been on the coast of Martinique for several days. Yesterday, a crew member was evacuated to the CHUM. The ship is empty of passengers but with 1000 crew members. The cruise ship awaits sanitary material from Martinique.

On social networks, the worrying messages never stop about the presence of the Costa Magica cruise liner, off the coast of Martinique.

Arrested by certain demonstrators, we sought to find out exactly what is happening on this boat which, just a week ago, landed 395 people in Martinique.

A woman transported by helicopter to hospital in Martinique

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday March 18, 2020), the dragon 972 (Martinique), actually recovered on the Costa Magica, a woman, whose state of health is considered serious, to transport it to the Center Hospitalier de Fort- of France. It is not known at the moment whether she was placed in intensive care.

Costa Magica must return to Italy

The Costa Magica has 1,000 crew members on board. They are placed in confinement on the boat. There is no question of landing them either in Martinique, Guadeloupe or Guyana.

The authorities’ objective is to ensure that the Costa Magica is completely autonomous in terms of medical care so that it can return safely to its country of origin, Italy.
Sanitary materials should therefore be sent from the CHUM (Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique) to the ship in the coming hours.

For now, the official report of Public Health now reports 32 people having contracted the coronavirus in Martinique. All would be hospitalized.

At least 5 people are in intensive care. A balance sheet which changes every day and which could well increase in the hours to come.

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