Why did the artist Hani Shaker cause Kazem El Saher to be absent from Egypt for 10 years? .. A famous media person reveals the dangerous secret and what is the last

The journalist, Muhammad Al-Baz, revealed, during the episode of his program “Akher Al-Nahar”, the reasons why the Iraqi singer Kazem Al-Saher has been absent from reviving concerts in Egypt for more than ten years.

He said that there is an accusation directed against the able Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, the resigned captain of musicians, of causing to prevent the appearance of the great Iraqi singer Kazem El Saher in more than one way, including not holding concerts in Egypt.

Al-Baz’s statements sparked a state of great controversy, especially with Al-Saher’s return to his Egyptian audience, with a huge concert on the North Coast, and his preparation for another concert on August 9, at the Egyptian Opera House.

El-Baz added that the Egyptians love Kazem El-Saher. The Arab was inappropriate, but now it is better.

He also revealed that there was no decision by any party to prevent El-Saher from singing in Egypt, but there were those who did not want his concerts, explaining that the accusing finger was pointing at Hani Shaker.

Al-Baz criticized Kazem’s response to the reason for his absence, and attached it to the circumstances, commenting sarcastically: “What are these circumstances, Kazem, Arab stars attended the concerts of the Arab Music Festival, which did not stop, in addition to concerts in the coast.”

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