Why Carlos Vela will not debut in Liga MX

Written in MEXICO the 29/6/2022 · 23:25 hs

His is a unique case, no doubt. And it is that, although in the beginning he was part of the affiliates of Club Deportivo Guadalajara, he never made his professional debut in the League MX. Given his conditions, in 2005, when he was only 16 years old, Arsenal sought him out and he emigrated to European football.

At 33 years old, the bomber continues to excel in Major League Soccer (MLS). In fact, in the current season he has already scored 6 goals at Los Angeles FC. Year after year, in each transfer market, the question only arises: will he ever play Charles Albert Vela on the League MX?

Carlos candle. Source: (Twitter).

In the last hours, it transpired that Vela would extend his contract with LAFC until the end of the 2023 season. Thus, the dream of seeing him at Bombardier on the League MX it disappears. But what led him to once again prioritize MLS even over other offerings from Europe?

Own Vela He assured that a talk he had with Javier Chicharito Hernández was important to continue his career at LAFC: “When we were in negotiations with LAFC, we had talks and he wanted me to be happy with what I decided, to look for the best for me and for myself. family, but that he would like to continue having me here in MLS to have that rivalry against him and the LA Galaxy.

Javier Hernandez. Source: (Twitter).

It should be remembered that Chicharito is one of the star figures of LAFC’s classic adversary: ​​LA Galaxy. “Even if we don’t see each other much and we don’t spend as much time together, knowing that there are people close to you always gives you peace of mind,” he added. Vela at a press conference.

Carlos candle. Source: (Twitter).

The MLS classic, a long way from Liga MX

With no future in sight in any group that militates in the mexico league, Carlos candle prepares for a new classic in Major League Soccer (MLS).

And it is that Chicharito Hernández and the Bombardier The faces will be seen next Friday, July 8, when Los Angeles FC receives LA Galaxy, for the 19th date of the contest. LAFC is the current leader of zone B, while LA Galaxy is in sixth position.

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