Why Can Cats Track Their Owner’s Location? This is the answer


Cat has many interesting facts that are rarely known. For one, a domestic cat or pet cat can mentally map the location of its owner through sound.

University of Tokyo researcher Saho Takagi and his team conducted a study on how pet cats respond to their owners’ voices. Launching New Scientist, Takagi and his friends studied 50 domestic cats. There are 27 of them living in cat cafes, while the remaining 23 are house cats.

How Do Cats Track Their Owner’s Location?

The research team placed each cat alone in a test room with two doors and windows. Then they put a loudspeaker outside the room, near one of the doors. Another loudspeaker is also placed near another door or near a window. The two loudspeakers are at least 4 meters apart.

All speakers then play the owner’s voice cat, a family member, the owner of a cat cafe, or the voice of a stranger calling the cats’ names. Each is played from the same or different speakers, twice at a distance of 2.5 seconds.

Their results showed that cats moved their ears or changed the direction of their heads when their owner’s voice or a stranger’s voice was raised.

However, a different reaction appears when the cat’s owner’s voice is heard. The cat will show a surprised reaction as if the owner is teleporting.

This suggests a previously unknown socio-spatial awareness in cats. “Cats may have deeper thoughts than we think,” says Takagi.

Meanwhile, Angelo Quaranta from the University of Bari Aldo Moro Italy revealed, understanding the socio-cognitive ability of cats to know their feelings will improve the quality of human relationships with cats or cats and cats and the quality of life. cat in the domestic environment.

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