Why are you soiling our family again, Prince William is angry with Harry

Thunder and lightning fly in the royal court. Another round of family disputes began last week when Prince Harry said in an open confession that no one had helped him after his mother’s death. He had to alleviate the pain with alcohol and drugs.

He also went to his father, Prince Charles, who allegedly coughed at him completely after Diana’s tragic accident. He should have told him that if he could suffer in his youth, he could do it too. Harry’s claim infuriated his brother Prince William, the portal warned Fox News.

“William thinks Harry should have talked to them in private. He can’t understand why his brother went to TV again and what leads him to continue throwing dirt at his own family,” said a source at Kensington Palace.

Tensions between Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, and the rest of the family have escalated since they left last year. The couple added fuel to the fire this spring with their first conversation with Winfrey, where the Duchess of Sussex accused members of the royal family of racism, among other things.

Along with William, Prince Charles has had enough of Harry. His behavior is said to have marked their relationships forever. “After this, it is no longer possible to restore trust between them,” the source concluded.

You can blame Lady Diana, Harry and her brother blame the BBC. She now apologized:



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