Why are Liverpool fans? ‘Thank you forever,’ Sherar Ullier

Liverpool legend Phil Thompson, a three-time European Cup winner and assistant at Anfield over six years between 1998-2004, believes the Reds must be aware of it. About the impact that the former manager has had on their club

Sherar Ullier Tragically died at the age of 73 on Monday, December 14, 2020 in Paris, France. After having chronic problems with coronary heart disease There is overwhelming praise from around the world for the former Perfume coach who has led France, PSG, Lyon and Aston Villa among others. But it was his time at Liverpool that would be most memorable.

Ullier Command the army ‘Red Swan’ It was during 1998-2004 and there were some memorable moments in the 2000/01 season that led Liverpool to the Triple Cup trophy. Which spanned the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup. In addition, in 2003 Ullier has since given Steven Gerrard He is the captain of Liverpool. Before leaving the title in 2004, one year earlier, Gerrard led the team to win the UEFA Champions League in Istanbul, Turkey.

However, despite winning five major trophies in 2001, Thompson says some Liverpool fans don’t realize how important he is to the club becauseRafa Benitez Made the team win the UEFA Champions League one year after his departure

“Some Liverpool fans I didn’t think they liked him,” Thompson told the BBC. Express Sport “Because there was a mistake at the end of 2004 for us and then Rafa won the Champions League in 2005. ‘Rafa is the king’ But Ullier is wonderful at what he does. ”“ Most people will. (Credit Ullier) enough, maybe 90 per cent of Liverpool fans. “” I said a lot of times and a lot of people didn’t give Sherar time, which I found interesting. “ “He’s won the first European title in 17 years, winning a triple trophy in one year, five trophies in six months. It is amazing. “

Ullier led Liverpool to League Cup glory in February 2001, marking the start of a promising year for the Reds. This was followed by the FA Cup and UEFA Cup champions, before their triumph at the Charity Cup and the UEFA Super Cup at the start of the following season. Thompson said,Ullier is very important in preparing his players for the match every few days, with a smaller squad than Liverpool’s present.

“I know everyone says they play twice a week now, but we don’t have a team like they have.” Thompson continued. “It’s just his unbelievable appetite for every game, every time it’s preparation and recovery, preparation and recovery. We need his expertise to get through everything. This is new to many children. It’s a wonderful, radically changing situation. ” “From the start of the new year we started playing the League Cup semi-finals.” “It was a huge surprise to prepare for the whole game. A highly addictive UEFA game Together within a short time It was great and it was fun. “

And it isUEFA Cup victory From intense games to extra-time and Liverpool beat Alaves 5-4 in a match at Dortmund.Thompson thought the fans Liverpool should have to “Everlasting thanks” for Ullier. It was the club’s first European Cup since 1984 and gave the young supporters the first time the older family members have seen it. With Thompson said

“A generation of Liverpool fans have heard stories from their father and grandfather about their trip to Europe and the European Cup finals and how great it is, it is slowly destroying them.” “So giving them a chance to go to Dortmund, where we have 90 per cent of the fan base there, was a great night. Great football game ” “I think all Liverpool fans should be forever grateful to Sherar Ullier because it took a long time to get the European trophy.” “Rafa is …. as children Tell … might be a better coach. But as manager of the Ullier, Ulliers did a lot better than him. “

ThompsonSaid Ullier had a love for Liverpool before he even managed to be the manager there. And that helped him succeed at the club.

“Liverpool is his team because back when he came to Liverpool many years ago as a teacher at a school, he came to Alsop Comprehensive School It’s only a mile away from Anfield. ”“ When we first got together and we talked, he said. ‘When I was a teacher at school I used to watch a game with other teachers. And I used to stand in the Kop stand as well, Phil, I’ll watch you on a Saturday afternoon or Wednesday night in a European game, and I can watch you play. ” So he is like a student of the game who knows the history. He created that feeling for Liverpool Football Club before he even became manager. ”

ThompsonSaw the similarities between Ullier andJürgen Klopp The current Liverpool boss, which he thinks makesThey are the two best managers the club has ever had.

“I always think that the best manager is someone who fully understands people. Everyone knows our history and what happened. But if you can find people and you can understand people and they understand you. So you have a greater chance of success. ”“ I think when people, clubs and players come together, as we have seen with Klopp, we have a better chance of success. It’s never defeated, Ullier has everything, he has all those characteristics. “

On the sideGerrard Who is currently a team manager Rangers And are doing great work at the moment By leading the team at the top in the Scottish Premiership table and also qualifying for the last 32 teams in the UEFA Europa League, praising the former manager who is most important in His football life said

“It was heartbreaking to hear of the death of my former manager, Sherar Ullier.” He posted on Instagram, “I will never forget what this guy has done to me. Including with my football career Sleep well Boss “

In addition, referred to the interview that

“Yesterday was a tough day for myself and (Rangers assistant coach) Gary Macalister“” Clearly, Sherar It plays a very important role in our career and our lives too. ”“ So yesterday’s news was very difficult to accept. It was a big loss. ”“ Yesterday morning I was very happy after our result over the weekend and then getting that bit of a bitter news. ”

“He is a special person, a caring man and a person who loves others. He’s more than a manager. “

“Throughout my career There are different people who come to take care of me and are important to my development. ”“ As a child Steve Hwy, Hugh Macaulay and Dave Shannon, among others. It sent me to the staff in the first team, Sherar Ullier, Phil Thompson and Sammy Lee, who performed incredible results in terms of my age and as a player. “Sherar is at the forefront in terms of shaping me to be a better player, a better person, a better leader.” “So I am very grateful to this man and I find it difficult. really To accept this news right now “

“I try to assimilate and harvest things. The best from all the coaches and managers I work with. But admit it was difficult for me to have the same charisma, care and love of work as Sherar had. ” “He’s not just someone who focuses on his football career. And only establish a relationship between the players and the team manager But it also has the intention of transforming a generation of children around me to be truly professional. And grow into a better adult He tried to cultivate my tactical comprehension and learn to play in a different way. To make me a better player And also add other aspects That will help promote existing talents Which I have never forgotten about. “

“So I have a lot of things that I want to thank him for. And I know it’s hard to come to terms with what happened on the spot. ”

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