Why Android Users Are Switching to iPhones: Top Reasons Revealed by CIRP

According to the agency CIRP, the rate of switching of Android users to iPhones is currently the highest since 2018. And finally, we now know the exact reasons why users are leaving the Android platform in large numbers and switching to the competition. Although it is widely assumed that people switch platforms in order to communicate with their friends and colleagues via iMessage, the reality is quite different.

More than half of those surveyed (53%) switched to iOS due to problems with the existing Android platform. Users state that their older phone was no longer enough for them, because it was clearly visible that it was older (emphasis on the possible slowdown of the phone), it needed service intervention or had other problems (apparently software-related) that prevented its full use.

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The biggest reasons why users are switching from Android to iOS en masse, the oft-inflected iMessage and FaceTime are ranked last (even in the US)

The second most common reason (26%) was new features that convinced users it was time to switch to an iPhone. For example, you can imagine a better camera or a friendlier user interface. In third place, rather unexpectedly, was the lower price (15%). Despite the fact that you can often get Android smartphones significantly cheaper than iPhones, surveyed users believed that they paid less for an iPhone than they would have to pay for a similar Android smartphone. The fact that a large part of the respondents bought their iPhones at discounts or in temporary events probably contributed to this “mystification”.

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The most popular iPhones

Other popular iPhones

Community tools, i.e. communication applications FaceTime and iMessage, came in fourth place with six percent. And such a low percentage is unexpected especially because the research was conducted in the USA, which is the traditional “bastion” of iPhones.

Source: CIRP via 9to5mac

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