Why a participant in ‘La Isla de Las Tentaciones 6’ claims to be the program’s first “gafuda”

The couples of La Isla de las Tentaciones 6 are about to set foot on the paradisiacal beaches from the Dominican Republic to say goodbye on the shore and begin the temptation in each of their respective villas.

It seems that this new contestant will be the “first gafuda” and, for now, only person to wear glasses in front of the camerasof the five editions that the reality shows.

Naomi has taken advantage of her presence on TikTok to explain the reason why she has been allowed to travel to La Isla accompanied by this object. “Apart from the fact that I did the casting with the glasses, from the program they asked me if I always wore them. And I always wear them from the time I get up until I go to bed because I can’t wear contact lenses. Among other things, I have eight hundred vision problems and when I was little they operated on me for strabismus. (…) And apart from that, when I said that I have to wear glasses yes or yes, they told me that this was going to be my hallmark “, she has recounted her situation.

In addition to this, the young woman added that “with the issue of spotlights and reflections, I had to get some special crystals so they couldn’t be seen. And for this reason, people [que ha ido antes al programa] he can’t suddenly take out a pair of glasses [si hizo el casting en un primer momento sin elas o directamente con lentillas]”.

This video has emerged as a response to Paola, participant and girlfriend of Andreu from La Isla de Las Tentaciones 5, who confessed that in his edition they had forbidden him to wear glasses. “Every time I put on my glasses they told me ‘no, you can’t put on your glasses’. Many times I ended up with fatal eyes because of course, you also have to rest the contact lenses,” he said in a TikTok live with other tempters from the program.

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The Island of Temptations 6 brings news, fainting and a lot of passion

The sixth season of La Isla de las Tentaciones is already creating excitement among its viewers. This new installment promises to give us great moments like the one that one of his advances has already shown us: the fainting of a contestant in the middle of the bonfire.

But before seeing such a scene full of tension and concern, we have been able to discover how the protagonists have traveled to their destination with the broadcast of the special. Heading for Temptations. In this preview we have learned that the light of temptation will undergo modifications and will be “the great ally to foster insecurities” among couples.

Undoubtedly, the inconsolable crying, the drama-laden bonfires and the terrifying fears will end up taking their toll on more than one of the participants and will bring with them more than one surprise.

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