Who’s Gus Nur Detained? Listen to Brigadier General Awi’s statement

Sugi Nur Raharja alias Gus Nur. Photo: YouTube / Munjiat Channel

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – A number of parties stated that they did not agree with the steps taken by Bareskrim Polri to arrest and detain Sugi Nur Raharja alias Gus Nur.

Responding to this, the Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Divhumas Brigadier General Pol Awi Setiyono invited those who objected to Gus Nur’s detention to file a pretrial.

Brigadier General Awi explained, in accordance with Article 77 of the Criminal Procedure Code, parties who do not agree with the arrest, detention, and determination of a suspect can file a pretrial.

“Both the suspect, his family and his attorney can pretrial the police. So far, the police have been carrying out their duties professionally,” said Awi at the Police Criminal Investigation Office, Jakarta, Monday (26/10).

When asked about the disapproval of Gus Nur’s sympathizers and attorneys against Gus Nur’s arrest, according to Awi, it was a common thing.

Meanwhile, regarding the suspension of detention, Awi said that this matter could also be submitted by the legal attorney.

However whether it is granted or not, it depends on the investigator.

“Regarding the suspension of detention, please just apply. However, it is the investigator’s prerogative to agree or not,” said Awi.


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