Whoops! James Webb’s telescope crashes after being hit by a dust-sized meteor in outer space

INDOZONE.ID – Telescope outer space made NASA namely James Webb is reported to have been hit by a meteor in outer space. However meteor what hit him is not what you think.

Because the meteor has a type of micrometeorid whose size is only like dust.

It said the incident occurred at the end of May when the micrometeorid hit one of the 18 mirrors in the James Webb telescope.

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Although the size of the meteor was very small, its impact on the mirror of the James Webb telescope forced the team on Earth to correct the distortion of the mirror that was hit by the meteor.

NASA itself confirmed that the homemade telescope can still operate quite optimally even though one of the mirrors has a problem.

For your information, the James Webb telescope was launched at the end of 2021, where this latest generation of telescopes has the ability to monitor the universe and look for stars to galaxies that are very far away.

The project also cost a huge amount of money, billions of dollars and took 20 years to make.

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