Whole body after 3 years of burial, these are 3 important testaments of Kiai Baidowi before he died

SAMPANG, iNews.id – Nanny Madrasah Dakwatut Tauhid, Sampang, Madura, the late KH Ahmad Baidowi left three will important to his students before died. The three messages were even immortalized by Kiai Baidowi’s students as pearls of wisdom and posted on the walls of the madrasa.

The three pearls of wisdom include:

First, ‘an important figure in your life is not someone you can feel in his presence. However, an important figure in life is someone you can feel when he is gone ‘.

Second, ‘the presence of a believer in the world is not a problem. But that is a problem if the world is in the heart of a believer ‘.

Editor: Ihya Ulumuddin


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