Whoever is vaccinated will be able to travel. Blatný explained the planned system

Goodbye to veils or mandatory tests for entry into foreign countries will probably be available to those who are vaccinated against covid-19.

The European Union wants to speed up the creation of a common vaccination card, which has been under development for two years. So far, it would only apply to coronavirus and its holders would avoid most of the restrictions associated with the pandemic that has plagued the world since the spring.

According to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný, vaccination and a special passport will not be mandatory. “It’s just the way the European Union, where we belong and want to belong, tries to help those who travel. And it’s definitely easier to go out with a card in your pocket than to have an examination done before each border crossing. ” said in the Chamber of Deputies.

Twenty-seven have reached preliminary contracts for the supply of vaccines for covid-19. However, it is still uncertain when they will reach people. It is most often talked about the beginning of next year, but there is no definitive date.

He welcomes the meager plan for the vaccination card. He does not want obstacles in travel. “I, like many of you, remember the time when we were waiting at the border, then still with barbed wire, and crossing the border was something that many of us could not even realize and imagine. Now it’s all different, and this thing should make it easier for people to travel, even in the current difficult epidemic situation. Nothing more, nothing less,“said the head of the health department.

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Europe has had a single travel light since November. Most countries are red, so it is necessary to pass a test or quarantine. The oranges are Greece, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Iceland. The only green state is the Vatican.

It is possible to travel to the red countries for 24 hours, for example for serious health reasons or for family matters without a test or quarantine. However, random checks are being carried out at the borders.

There has long been an international vaccination card. Some countries do not allow tourists without it.

Pfizer is seeking approval for the emergency use of a coronavirus vaccine. Details in the TV Nova report:


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