Who will overthrow the cabinet? Hot by Stefan Yanev

There is a gap between political parties and civil society and our ambition is to change the electoral picture in the country. That’s what Gene said. Stefan Yanev, quoted by “Focus”.

According to him, the answer to the question should be sought – how civil society should be connected with political parties, and they, in turn, should start working actively with civil society in achieving national goals. “We were all very lied to,” said the leader of Bulgarian Rise.

“Citizens are wanted only before elections with many promises, but with a vague perspective on whether those promises will be fulfilled. Ultimately, we are witnessing a long list of unfulfilled promises from a number of political actors involved in governance so far.

Rather, parties deal with their own political agenda, their own survival, or resolve clientelistic issues. It seems that the agenda of civil society is not their priority, “Yanev said. According to him, the majority of Bulgarian citizens expect early elections because they are disappointed with the government, this chaos, lack of vision and concreteness in seeking solutions.

“People are also disappointed with the fact that at the moment the government’s efforts are not focused on resolving the current crises, which are deepening and multiplying in number and problem areas. The main one, in my opinion, will be the economic one, because it is related to the everyday life of Bulgarian citizens, and the parties should represent the citizens and at least in theory work for them, look for practical solutions to social problems that are on the agenda.

This is not happening and that is why “Bulgarian Rise” according to sociology receives clear support, “said Gen. Янев.

With regard to the European Union (EU), the general added, a strong and independent Bulgaria means that it will interact with other countries, but will defend its national interests in the best possible way.

“At the moment, our membership in the EU is not being used in the best way, we are not effectively defending our purely Bulgarian interests,” he added. I am like that. Over time, I have demonstrated a real connection between words and deeds. I have shown that what I say, I realize.

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