Who will hire the Prime Minister of Great Britain, succeeding Terrace?

The resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday will lead to a conservative internal vote by the end of next week.
Here are the possible candidates to succeed her:

– Rishi Sonak
The former finance minister may be the favorite among conservative MPs, having lost this summer to Liz Truss in the final stage of the party leader selection process. The 42-year-old former banker is seen as the embodiment of the reassuring personality within the traditional budget dogma.
During the campaign, he repeatedly said that unfunded tax cuts risked pushing inflation to a level not seen in decades and undermining market confidence.

– Jeremy Hunt
The new finance minister, who took office last Friday, appears to have been in office ever since, as Liz Terrace is being targeted. He was the one who announced on Monday the fundamental change in the landscape by nullifying almost all of the Terrace government’s fiscal measures, causing panic in the markets. The 55-year-old former foreign minister is an expert figure. In the end he confirmed to the BBC that he did not want to enter a new race for power, after two failures he faced in this field in 2019 and then this summer.

– Penny Mordaunt
She too was racing against Liz Terrace this summer to succeed Boris Johnson. At the start of the election campaign the minister currently responsible for relations with parliament was popular with conservative activists, the 49-year-old former defense minister is known for her charisma. She presented herself in front of Parliament on Monday, where she represented Terrace against the opposition and confidently defended the change in economic direction, stressing that the prime minister “does not hide under a desk”.
Recently, the hypothesis has emerged that the competition between Sunak and Mordaunt is limited in the end.

– Boris Johnson
The following scenario has been circulating in the conservative press since the summer: Like a phoenix, former Prime Minister Bo Gu will return and establish himself as an obvious refuge. handed the Conservatives a majority not seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, but now faces many obstacles.
One of these obstacles is that his forced departure hasn’t happened for a long time.
It remains to be seen whether Johnson, 58, will be ready to regain the leadership of the party two years before the legislative elections, as opinion polls show a landslide victory for the Labor opposition.

– Ben Wallace
He has emerged as one of the favorites in the recent Conservative Party leadership campaign. And the secretary of defense, who chose not to run to devote his time to UK security, has seen his name return to prominence in recent days as a potential figure of party unity. But Ben Wallace, 52, appears to have ruled out this scenario when he confirmed to the Times Tuesday that he wanted to stay in the defense sector.

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