Who were the first people to receive the fourth vaccine?

From this Monday the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine is administered; one more step in the fight against the pandemic. The first to receive the dose were those over the age of 80. Niancor y Maria were the first people from Madrid to wear it in the public residence of Vallecas. About three million Spaniards (over 80 years old) are called to receive this new bite against the coronavirus. From next week will be the social and health workers.

Furthermore, it is again insisted that people under the age of 60 who for some reason have not completed their vaccination schedule go to get vaccinated. vaccination. 93% of Spaniards received the complete guideline and, of these, more than half also received the reinforcement guideline.

Madrid begins vaccination of the fourth dose against Covid in 733 residences this Monday

The incidence in the Spain it is still low: it is in the 136 cases for each 100,000 inhabitants. And in Madrid the figures are very similar. Of course, remember that not all cases are counted. Only from the age of 60.

Several communities ask for the END of what is the great measure Anti-Covid, the mask. At this moment it is still mandatory – as you know – on public transport, in health centers, hospitals or pharmacies. How long will it take? This is the big question.

Health excludes withdrawal. More than 20 European countries have approved the end of the masks. Only Italy and Germany keep it on buses, trains or subways.

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