Who was the most difficult footballer to score for Rafa Márquez?

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Rafael Marquez is premiering facet as a commentator in the matches of the Mexican team with TUDN, there during the broadcasts, the ex-Barcelona footballer he takes time to answer some questions that amateurs ask him through social networks, under a dynamic called “The Kaiser’s class“.

And during the match between Canada and Mexico, the Michoacan was questioned about who was the most complicated footballer he faced during his time as a player of the Barça, giving as an answer the name of a former forward of the Chelsea.

“There was a time when we played several games with Chelsea, and Didier Drogba was one of the toughest players (whom I had to face), because he was a physically strong, powerful and fast player, the truth and I was not so strong “, mentioned the Káiser.

And is that Rafa marquez He remembered those duels that they held Barcelona and Chelsea between 2004 and 2010, where both squads they ran into each other on various occasions in the final stages of the Champions League, where he accepted that he was sweating the fat drop for scoring the then Blues scorer: the Ivorian Didier drogba.



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