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MEXICO.- The second season of the house of the famous He has already experienced his first elimination and it should be remembered that, although the nominees are chosen by the members of the reality show, it is the public who has the last word. Through voting, the audience can choose who is saved and who leaves.

Mayeli Alonso was the one who had to say goodbye to the public, to the surprise of many of her fans who expected to see more of her. In the interview that she gave as she left the house, she mentioned that she feels grateful that she showed an honest side of herself, even if it was her for a short time.

“What they saw there is what I am […] unfortunately there are people who cannot accept when someone raises their voice. I do not regret everything I developed in the house. I am extremely happy that Osvaldo has stayed instead of me, ”she mentioned.

According to her, she witnessed how Osvaldo Ríos made an effort to remain in the project, since it is something very important to him. Furthermore, he pointed out that she is starting her career, so she will have many projects now that he’s out of the house.

Finally, he revealed what he learned from his week in The house of the famous. “There is a fall and then something comes up, so I am looking forward to the good that comes […] He left me with a great experience, a great lesson, that there is not only one type of person; there are several people and each one has her point of view. I learned to meet people… Laura, it is an honor to have been with Laura”, he commented.

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Mayeli was nominated for elimination along with Laura Bozzo, Osvaldo Ríos and Toni Costa. By only 5% she had more votes than Ríos to be eliminated, while Bozzo and Toni got a good score so it is assumed that the public want to keep seeing more of them.

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