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According to Vujnovich, this will lead to negative consequences for the economy, mental disorders in citizens, and paralyze the work of the health care system.

Melita Vujanovic

(Photo: Mikhail Pochuev / TASS)

Russia needs to make efforts to avoid repeating the spring restrictions due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection. About it stated Melita Vujnovich, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia, Forbes reports.

According to her, a lockdown should be avoided, especially since the reaction to COVID-19 is not the same as at the beginning of 2020. “We know the virus, we understand well how it behaves, so we can put pressure on it, but at the same time preserve socio-economic life,” said Vujnovic.

The representative of WHO noted that serious restrictions not only negatively affect the economy, but also impede the treatment of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and partially paralyze the health system. In addition, long-term self-isolation, closed organizations affect the psyche, Vujnovic emphasized.

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for October 2

“A long lockdown affects the psyche – we will still struggle with these consequences later,” she said.


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