WHO: The world has covered almost 60% of the way to fight COVID

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The scientist urged to increase the level of vaccination

A leading researcher at the organization said that humanity has covered almost 60% of the way in the fight against COVID-19.

Humanity has covered almost 60% of the path to exit the pandemic, but the emergence of new strains of coronavirus and other unexpected obstacles could significantly postpone the end of the pandemic. This was stated by the leading researcher of the World Health Organization Sumiya Swaminathan in an interview with the Swiss edition. view.

According to the WHO representative, it is “premature” to say that the pandemic will end soon.

“There are many unknowns for this. … In particular, this is the unexpected appearance of new variants of the virus,” she explained.

Swaminathan drew attention to the fact that in some parts of the world a very high percentage of the vaccinated population – 70-80%, while in others, for example in all of Africa, less than 4% of the population is fully immunized.

“The longer we put up with this situation, the more likely new options will emerge,” she said.

The scientist called for the use of all available drugs to increase the level of vaccination around the world.

Earlier, the WHO reported that the strain Delta almost supplanted the rest of the strains coronavirus.

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