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Who should be the president? Tarot Expert: Drawing Lai Qingde’s “King”, “This Combination” is Super Powerful | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Zhang Kejun/Reporting from Taipei

▲In the 2024 presidential election, Lai Ching-de partners with Xiao Meiqin. Teacher Xiao Meng drew the “King Card” and predicted that the two of them will have good fortune together. (Picture/Photography by reporter Qiu Rongji)

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With 54 days to go before the 2024 general election, Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin formed an army, but the Blue and White alliance was in a deadlock. Tarot expert Mr. Xiao Meng predicted by drawing cards, he drew “King” by Lai Qingde, “Queen” by Ke Wenzhe and “Wheel of Fortune” by Hou Youyi. Teacher Xiao Meng analyzed that “King Card” has strong momentum, but if Ke Wenzhe and Terry Gou combine to form “Ke Guo Pei”, the energy will be very strong.

Teacher Xiao Meng mentioned that judging from the cards, Lai Qingde’s “King Card” was very powerful and had the momentum of “The Chosen One”. Because Lai Qingde is a Pig, his fortune will be very good this year; his zodiac sign is Libra, and he is a fair and equitable person. His fortune will be strong at the beginning of next year, and he will turn bad things into good fortune, and people will have a strong sense of trust. Xiao Meiqin, who partners with Lai Qingde, is a Leo. Leo is also very energetic and will get help from overseas. Therefore, Libra and Leo have a stronger tendency together. However, Teacher Xiao Meng also reminded that “Lai Xiao Pei” should be very careful with “Ke Guo Pei”, because the combination of “Ke Guo Pei” is very powerful. If it plays against “Lai Xiao Pei”, it may be very powerful. opponent.

▲Teacher Xiao Meng said that if “Ke Guo Pei” is successful, the energy of the combination will be very strong. (Picture/File photo)

Teacher Xiao Meng analyzed that Ke Wenzhe has drawn the “Queen Card”. From the looks of the card, he is a man of great power, calculating, scheming, and good at acting. “If I could describe him in one sentence, he would be ‘playing about Taiwan’.” He also said that judging from the cards, Ke Wenzhe should have something else to show everyone next. He also said that the Queen card is for gaining power. “He can bend anything and achieve anything.” Stand in different positions and do different things. Teacher Xiao Meng reminded that if Ke Wenzhe can get help from Terry Gou to form “Ke Guo Pei”, then he will be able to compete with “Lai Xiao Pei”. He also suggested that “Ke Guo” should avoid talking on Wednesday (22nd), the day of light snow. Cooperation is more likely to produce good results.

Hou Youyi, on the other hand, drew the “Wheel of Fortune Reversed”. Teacher Xiao Meng mentioned that Hou Youyi, a Gemini born in the Year of the Rooster, will have better luck after the Lunar New Year. “Those born in the Year of the Rooster will have a harder time flying this year.” Judging from the cards, the reversed wheel of fortune means that it has been in turmoil, good and bad, and spinning like a wheel. However, the combination of blue and white is good for Hou Youyi, provided that “it cannot be delayed any longer.”

Teacher Xiao Meng told the reporter of “Sanli News Network” that the above are all observations and speculations. The cards drawn are for reference only. There will be other variables and possibilities in the future.

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The above remarks and pictures are for reference only and do not represent the position of this station.

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