Who says A wins! MediaCom promotes digital transformation

We all know that technology is becoming more and more important for marketing and business success. Even in difficult economic times like the present, investments in technology projects are expected to remain high or even increase. But how are technologies implemented in such a way that they truly create benefits and generate growth?

In all industries, digital technologies are the number 1 growth engine, and not just today. But before celebrating the successes of others, let’s ask the questions that move marketers:

  • Have we implemented the right martech technologies that will ensure communication and business development today and five years from now?
  • Are we using the data correctly to target different target groups?
  • How does automation work? Does this save us time and money?

To help our customers find their digital happiness, we at MediaCom have not only focused on the most important levers for a successful digital transformation, but we have also brought together the right specialists into one team.

For a year now, nine expert “thinkers of the bigger picture” have been working together with our clients on the five A’s at the Vienna office:
Architecture, audience, activation, analytics and automation.-

In addition, there is an international network of data and technology specialists, exclusive collaborations with marketers and technology providers and, last but not least, a wealth of data that is activated precisely for this digital evolution.

This goes beyond individual campaigns or media strategies – we help our clients prepare their marketing for the needs of tomorrow’s customers and create digital worlds of experience that generate real growth.

And since these are not just empty words, but as we keep our promises, we present real cases in our current series of articles and show you where you can start today and what happens if you do nothing. Be curious!

However, if you already have burning questions under your nails in the meantime, please feel free to contact our specialists: [email protected]

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