WHO recommends home-made natural coronavirus disinfectant

Unfortunately, we had deluded ourselves that the heat would eradicate or otherwise weaken this damned coronavirus. The alarming data, on the other hand, which testify to its continued growth, have disproved all international experts. Months of isolation were not enough to counter the new scourge of the century. At a time when special attention must be paid to everything we touch, hygiene is increasingly essential. That’s why the WHO recommends home-made natural coronavirus disinfectant. Indeed, protecting the health of our loved ones becomes the most important mission in this period.

Pure alcohol and water

Just think that, despite hundreds of very valid disinfectant products on the market today, the two most effective elements are water and pure alcohol. In fact, their combination, according to the World Health Organization, is the effective hand disinfectant. It is important to respect the concentration of the alcoholic part which must be around 70% of the content. Once you have created this very simple mixture at home, you will count on a fundamental ally for the fight against bacteria.

Another DIY product

The WHO also suggests another disinfectant lavender that we can produce at home: with distilled water, hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol. If we also want to attack domestic surfaces, the WHO recommends the natural disinfectant against coronavirus to be made at home with two additions. In fact, let’s take ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, let’s combine them and we will have a powerful germ killer. Our compound will have to count on 90% of ethyl alcohol, 2% of hydrogen peroxide and the rest of distilled water. Instead of the latter, we could however also use boiling water.

Where to contain it

Our experts for the product also recommend the containers for use, with the prayer that they are always clean and disinfected:

a) plastic;

b) metal or aluminum;

c) glass.

One last tip: while the hand cleaner can be used immediately, the one made up of water and alcohol, let it act for a couple of days. In fact, their mix will increase in intensity and strength closed in the container and left to rest!


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