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Francesca D’Angelo

Summer, for TV, basically means two things: reruns and phantasmagorical anticipations of what it will be, what it could be or hopefully next season. Rumors – a very cool English term to say indiscretions – are never as succulent as in June and July. To say, yesterday the Tvblog site dropped a real bomb: on the upper floors of Viale Mazzini they would be thinking of remaking Fantastico. Yes, just that Fantastico: the variety of Rai Uno born in the mythical 1980s and which continued for eleven editions, in a succession of conductors (Pippo Baudo, Celentano, Raffaella Carrà etc …) until 1993. After that the drop in audience was such that it was preferred to change the format by betting on Bet that …?

The curtain, however, would not have fallen completely. According to the well-informed TvBlog, who are hardly wrong, a 12th edition of the famous format is being evaluated: a revised and corrected version of the famous variety, that is, updated to 2020 and, consequently, to anti-epidemic measures. The project would still be embryonic, but only up to a certain point since the show could return to TV already with the first colds. Not only. According to what reported, the director of Rai Uno Stefano Coletta he would have already talked to Lorella Cuccarini: the new Fantastico would be one of the projects designed to console her after not confirming La vita in vivo.

The years spent with you .... Bomb Columbro on Matano, humiliation-bis: the (sensational) public message of Cuccarini

As is known, Lorella did not take the defenestration very well (euphemism): the ratings were on her side, as well as half the social world that had mobilized herself with the cry #iostoconlorella. In Viale Mazzini, however, the political jacket also counts and unfortunately, sometimes, this weighs more than the merits. Hence, probably, the non-renewal of La vita in vivo which will be presented in September, solo Alberto Matano. But we said: Fantastic. In some ways it could be a good trading currency. In fact, Cuccarini would lead him together with Pippo Baudo: a trusted friend as well as his personal discoverer. It was he, in 1985, who brought her to Fantastico launching her as a dancer. The risk of litigation, masculine harassment and annexed letters of denunciation would therefore be minimal. The format is also very popular, even more so in the eyes of the Rai over 50 audience. And if the variety was able to make people discuss at the time (among the most famous cases, Grillo’s monologue on Craxi’s trip to China or the clash between Baudo and President Enrico Manca), let alone what could happen today where one day yes, and the other as well, put unsuspected racists, homophobes or misogynists on the index, including those who have passed away.

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In short, it could work. It is true, however, that we would go back almost 40 years: a life, or rather a television, does. Is it possible that you can’t think of something new? With two purebred horses like Cuccarini and Baudo you could also dare, experiment, raise the bar. Ride on the amarcord effect means always go too safe. The Renzo Arbore docet case: he is a TV monster, he always plays good plays, but his latest programs betrayed a similar and very vintage formula. Yet Renzo Arbore loves to dare as well as Pippo Baudo and, even more so, the still young Cuccarini. Let them dare …


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