Who Owns Indomaret and Alfamart? This is the figure


The presence of minimarkets such as Indomaret and Alfamart already very familiar to the people of Indonesia. What’s more, the two minimarkets are often located close together in one area or in one lane of a road.

So who is the owner of Indomaret and Alfamart? The owners of the two minimarkets are different.

Indomaret is owned by an Indonesian tycoon, Anthoni Salim. Anthoni Salim is the man behind the large retail chain company Indomaret



Indomaret The idea was founded starting with the idea of ​​making it easier to provide employees with daily basic needs, then in 1988 an outlet named Indomaret was established. Thus quoted from indomaret.co.id.

In March 2022 alone, there were 19,891 Indomaret outlets in Indonesia. No wonder almost all Indonesian people know and have visited the giant minimarket.

Anthoni Salim Photo: Getty Images/Yuli Seperi

As the founder of Indomaret, Antoni Salim and his family became one of the richest people in Indonesia. Based on a report from Forbes, Anthoni Salim and his family have a total wealth of up to US$ 8.5 billion or equivalent to Rp. 124.6 trillion (current dollar exchange rate is Rp. 14,660/US$).

Anthoni is the youngest of three children of the late Liem Sioe Liong or Om Liem, a tycoon who for decades was very close to President Suharto. Thanks to Om Liem, Indomie exists.

The figure of the owner of Alfamart on the next page.

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