Who lords? Man Utd record hits Liverpool in FA Cup

Open statistics of Manchester United in a duel with Liverpool in the English FA Cup, which “Red Devils” are more than adequate.

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The movement of the English FA Cup football round 4, the result turns out that there was a pair of big matches that are round, that is, “Red Battle” between Manchester United to open the Old Traff. Ford receives a visit to Liverpool on January 23-24.

It will also be a competition. “Red Battle” 2 weeks in a row due to January 17 Liverpool will open a nest at Anfield duel Manchester United in the English Premier League football.

By only looking for statistics in the FA Cup, the two teams have dueled together 17 games, which is the “devil” who won 9 games, draws 4 and Liverpool won 4 games.

However, the last meeting of the two teams in this list was in 2012, which “Reds” slashed 2-1 win. Liverpool can also break to win this cup at the Old Trafford. The second highest number after Wembley Stadium with 5

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