Who is Yuliana Saputri, the wife of Cak Malik? Beautiful Widow from Nganjuk Still Young, See the Portrait

TRIBUNJATIM.COMCak Malik finally married.

Cak Malik whose real name is Muhammad Maliki was previously rumored to be the husband of Nella Kharisma.

Dismiss the gossip, Cak Malik finally marriedi beautiful woman named Yuliana Saputri.

Then, who is the actual wife of Cak Malik’s wife named Yuliana Saputri?

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Bung Chanel’s YouTube account shares the atmosphere of marriage consent Cak Malik with Yuliana Saputri, August 1 2020.

Cak Malik wore a black suit, cap and black mask, while his wife wore a white dress and a black mask.

“Well, the prospective husband named mas Muhammad Maliki,” said the chief.

“Status up to now? Have you ever married yet?”

“Not yet,” replied Malik’s brother.

“Not yet, still single,” said the chief again.

Cak Malik’s marriage to a woman named Yuliana Saputri (YouTube / Bung Channel)
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