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The crown has started again and is worse than it was in the spring. At that time I did not personally know anyone infected, today I would playfully count fifteen or twenty, two from a wider circle of the family. Who is to blame, this is a question that will probably occur to everyone.

We have a government, the highest body of executive power. It has its chairman and that is Andrej Babiš, the head of the YES movement. His role could be discussed extensively, but it is enough to focus on consulting with epidemiologists and other experts on August 19. Not much was talked about or written about, but the attentive person did not miss the echoes of the meeting. At that time, Babiš vulgarly shouted at the experts who wanted to lead the veils again from September 1. None of the participants cracked it on Babiš to the fullest, however, this information is credible.

Let’s recall a newer event, an affair with registration when entering a restaurant. The new Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, was already considering the registration of guests in the restaurant in the parliament, after which Babiš dismissed him with a foreign word, provoking him in Czech with a statement that it was nonsense. At the same time, it is not such nonsense, Prymula already pointed to examples from Germany and England. The Swiss introduce web registration when someone comes to someone’s apartment. When Babish rejects such measures and yells at epidemiologists, he should take responsibility – and, as a last resort, look at someone who will not yell at experts when he looks at the steeply rising curve of infection.

However, it would be unfair to leave black Peter responsible only in his handful. He does not behave the way he does, for some ideal or ideological reason, he acts and speaks as he thinks the public will accept it well. If the public were terrified of the epidemic, he would yell at the health minister, as if he had not ordered the wearing of spacesuits. But the mood in public is what it is. It arose largely spontaneously. However, there are specific people who have strongly supported the idea that the whole pandemic is media hype or even a conspiracy to smear your pocket.

If Babiš resigned, Pekarová Adamová and the TOP 09 leadership should resign because she sent a dentist to the fundamental professional body of the government to speak for the opposition, who downplays the seriousness of the epidemic and helped puncture a petition in which he attracted numerous capacities. Václav Klaus, the ideological support of all the sages who see an attack on democracy in a pandemic and measures against it, should go to rest with the promise not to get involved. More than one publicly speaking intellectual and many publicists should reflect on their own share of the blame. Which is such a Bohumil Pečinka, who – believed in the duty of soaping the government of Andrej Babiš week after week – came up with a great idea diktatura epidemiologů. This statement carries character my, i.e. the information equivalent of a gene, a replicating unit of information. Far and unfortunately he is not alone. There are battalions of such defenders of democracy in our country. And because they preach what people easily and gladly believe, their harassment against muzzle of democracy has success.

So I drive like this on a medium-sized town around a garden restaurant on Saturday, and there’s a wedding, fifty, maybe a hundred people, all swept away, hugging, singing and drinking.

Cheers, friends.

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