Who is Saïd R., the man who disappeared so thoroughly that he was thought to be dead? | NOW

After Ridouan T., Saïd R. has also been arrested. The man was arrested in Colombia and it is waiting for his arrival in the Netherlands. But who is R., who was invariably described as T.’s “right hand”?

If the walls of closed occasions in Utrecht could speak, they would tell about Ridouan T., who according to the NRC exchanged chess movements with crown witness Nabil B.

Or about how, under the leadership of the R. family, they pretended to run a restaurant, but that the Platinum Lounge was actually a notorious shisha lounge with accompanying clientele.

The men share that they are all stuck now.

Saïd R. was born at the beginning of June 1972 in Beni Touzine in Morocco and left in the wake of his parents for Groningen. It was according to it NRC the city where he was registered until his disappearance from the Netherlands, although he would have spent the last years mainly in Utrecht.

He did this disappearance so thoroughly that it was rumored that he was no longer alive. Instructions that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) had about the suspected whereabouts of the long-fugitive criminals were therefore only about T. and not about R.

Man would take an important position in the organization

But there was no hard evidence for his death, and so the hunt for R. continued unabated. The man who, according to the OM, occupied an important position within the organization of T. The murders of Ranko Scekic (2016) and Martin Kok (2018) were also ordered on his behalf. Just like the intended liquidation on Khalid H., which by mistake led to the death of Hakim Changachi (2017).

Nabil B. went to the police because of the last murder. His part in the death of Changachi, who is known to him, was the motive, but even more important were the words of Saïd R. three days after the liquidation: “You want to clean up that little one,” he warned, referring to T.

R. himself could not get that over his heart, the crown witness told. Within the criminal organization, R. was responsible for B. Just as easily as they tested automatic firearms together, they also drank, eaten and spent their holidays together. A friendship bond developed just like B. had with Saïd’s brother, Mohamed R.

Saïd R. is said to have been involved in drug trafficking

The daily contact also included solutions to ‘business‘ disputes. Nabil B. fulfilled tasks such as spotter. That means he kept an eye on intended victims. This also happened on 22 June 2016 when he saw Scekic walking at his home on the Kretadreef in Utrecht. When he passed on his position to Saïd R., Scekic was shot dead in his face moments later.

Scekic had to die because he was a contact of Ebrahim B. The criminal who stepped out of fear of death to the police in 2015 because he was on a death list. T.’s

Ebrahim B. didn’t know why, but in PGP conversations T. talked about a thwarted abduction of Saïd R. with Ebrahim B. as the brain behind it. Reason enough to get him out of the way. His statement to the police gave that plan urgency. And if Ebrahim B. could not be hit, it was his turn.

According to Ebrahim B., Saïd R. was involved in drug trafficking. “1,200 kilos come in, and then he will hand it out,” B. explained to the police in 2015. “He does the sale, he says. He gives 100 kilos to Rotterdam, 200 kilos Amsterdam for example.” It was Ridouan T. who is behind the drug import.

A lawyer never reported

Unlike T., a lawyer never reported on behalf of R. and his position on all suspicions is unknown.

With his arrest and the sentence of life imprisonment that will undoubtedly change.


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