Who is really the Mistress of noon, who chased Antonin?

Candidate of Twelve strokes of noon, Antonin had to give way to a new winner, Caroline who comes from Normandy. It was this Sunday July 19, 2020. Antonin saw himself grabbed the title after his 18th participation but he is happy not to let his place to anyone. Portrait of this new champion.

8 long months! This is the time it took to attend the sacrament of a new Mistress in the famous program by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the Twelve strokes of noon. It must be said that since last winter, winners who succeeded were heavy players! Since the last winner, Julie, who was beaten on November 20, 2019, there has been the great Eric then Colas and Antonin.

Good performances for these three candidates, but will the woman who now takes the reins of the game be stronger than them? This Sunday, July 19, 2020, it is Caroline who wins the star by dealing a fatal blow to Antonin, and her fatal blow will be memorable! Caroline faced Antonin who was then in his 18th participation. And it was very close between the two: Caroline only had 23 seconds left when Antonin fell to zero. A fall from which he did not recover, but the young man of 20 was no less happy.

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🙏 Thank you Antonin for these lovely words ☀️… Dear friends, here is a message a little longer than usual today. First of all, thank you to all those who sent me messages of support this afternoon, after my defeat, as throughout the adventure. Your expressions of sympathy go straight to my heart. Despite the obvious disappointment of losing, I was aware from the start that I didn’t have the level of knowledge of an Eric or a Paul. Reaching 18 participations was unexpected, and I can only be delighted with the journey thus completed. I am convinced that Caroline has the level to go much further than me in the adventure, and that’s all I wish for her. I was very touched during these three weeks by the messages I read on social networks, and if I could not respond to all of them, I want to thank each of you here. I understand and accept the criticisms that may have been made on my performances, the conditions of the set being very different from the final rendering of the show. The stress, the fatigue of the shootings and the fact of not being able to read the questions during the fatal blow and the masterstroke are all factors that can be destabilizing. This adventure was not trivial for me. It was first marked by the discovery of extraordinary personalities, who very quickly integrated me into the family of 12 blows. I will never forget the humility of Eric, the kindness of Xavier, the spontaneity of Paul, the humor of Fabrice, the good humor of Doudoutchi, the smile of Damien, the voice of Sylvain, the sympathy of Lucia, the generosity of Hakim, the simplicity of Timothy… and all the others! Finally, I would like to thank and pay tribute to the one without whom this whole adventure would not have been possible, the father of the midday masters, Jean-Luc Reichmann. Constantly attentive to the well-being of candidates and teams, with a professionalism that leads to admiration, I can assure you that he has embodied in his daily life the values ​​that have made the show successful for 10 years now.

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Because Antonin left with the tidy sum of 76,535 euros. As for the new mistress, she begins in style and with a hand of master : by making a move to 30,000 euros, it ensures a pot that already reaches 15,000 euros. This will surely allow Caroline, a student, to leave with something to put butter in her spinach.

Student in ecological transition

Zette, the famous voice-over of the show, presents the new Mistress: “ Happy celiac, ace of smoked chicken and imitator of foreign accents “. Zette then shares more details on her career: ” Caroline, from Rouen, is a student in energy transition and eco-responsible. She favors the train and the bicycle, reduces her meat consumption and manufactures her cosmetics herself “. During the show, Caroline reveals her reconversion. This engineer in the refrigerator industry is currently reorienting herself in a completely different field. This is the reason that prompted her to resume her studies. ” I would like to do something in sustainable development and ecology », She explained to Jean-Luc Reichmann.

And for that, she did not hesitate a single second to quit her job: “ I stopped working as a mechanical engineer, and I stopped working a year ago to start my studies again. I’m doing a year of study again, a Master, to do something a little more in relation to what I wanted to do “. What job precisely? Caroline does not know it yet but she will quickly find out: « It would be something, perhaps in local authorities or in public establishments, to advance the energy transition in France, with renewable energy, water, transport, it could be a lot of things. “. Good luck to her for her studies but also for the Twelve blows of noon!

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