Who is really Laura their tenant?

Scenes of households is a mini-series broadcast on M6. Since November 9, 2009, Scenes of households won over viewers. Six couples of different age groups are staged in short sketches. Huguette (Marion Game) and Raymond (Gérard Hernandez) is one of the most legendary, representing a couple of octogenarians. Since 2016, Laura (Justine Le Pottier) has been part of the couple’s daily life in a few episodes. Find out who is the actress who interprets the tenant of Huguette and Raymond in Scenes of households.

Scenes of households perfectly adds Justine Le Pottier to the cast

Scenes of households has been working on M6 for over 10 years. The series manages to renew itself notably by adding punctual characters to the life episodes of couples. For Huguette and Raymond, it is their daughter Caroline and their tenant Laura. Caroline is interpreted by Catherine Jacob, a great French actress. And Laura is interpreted by Justine Le Pottier, a talented actress which we will tell you more about.

An actress who has many strings to her bow

Justine Le Pottier began her theater comedy career in 2005. Like Marion Game (Huguette) and Gérard Hernandez (Raymond), actors she knows and admires. She made herself known to the general public through YouTube. As an actress, director and screenwriter, she participates in numerous audiovisual projects. It’s in 2009 that Justine Le Pottier made a mark in her role in a web series by François Descraques entitled Visitors of the future. Four seasons where Justine Le Pottier embodies a character of character, Judith. From 2009 to 2013, his face entered the minds of viewers.

Where it is less noticed but where it is just as important, it is in the collective of Golden Mustache. She sometimes plays roles but she is especially scriptwriters for the group. Golden Mustache is a collective of creators online content which is supported by the Canal + group. Justine Le Pottier also works in several other web series but also in entertaining YouTube videos like those of McFly and Carlito or Squeezie.

Justine Le Pottier is present in the whole audiovisual field

Justine Le Pottier is 37 years old today and continues her career juggling projects. His great freedom and his ability to wear several caps allow him to be also a recurring actress on the series Scenes of households. As a tenant for Raymond and Huguette, she plays the role of a medical student. Huguette and Raymond decide to rent him their additional room in their apartment. A room that belonged to their daughter Caroline, who has been far too large to live with them.

Justine Le Pottier plays Laura, the tenant of Raymond and Huguette

Justine Le Pottier shines in her role as Laura alongside Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez. She is very happy to have the chance to play with them. His character intervenes punctually in the episodes of Scenes of households. Sometimes to remonstrate with his elders who are still real pests with their neighbors. And sometimes to laugh with them about funny situations, caused by the actions of the two octogenarians or by the environment of the moment. Justine Le Pottier integrated perfectly into the cast and fans are delighted with her appearance in the series. In addition, this job is ideal for Justine Le Pottier. In addition to rubbing shoulders with actors she adores, in a series that she appreciates, she has time to continue juggling her projects alongside.

In fact, Justine Le Potier is also a short film director and an outstanding screenwriter. In addition, she perfects her acting with television and film roles, as well as being on YouTube. In the cinema, fans can find her in Philippe Lacheau’s latest film: Nicky Larson and the Perfume of Cupid. Justine Le Pottier spares no effort and finds herself doing a thousand things at once. Which doesn’t stop her from carrying out everything she does. The audiovisual sector is undoubtedly the domain of predilection of Justine Le Pottier. In front of or behind the camera, whether it is filming for television or the cinema, Justine Le Pottier is at ease.

In the cinema, on television, in front of or behind the camera, Justine Pottier touches everything

For the rest, the young woman would be fascinated with marine animals. Dolphins, whales and sharks, she loves marine mammals. An original passion for Justine Le Pottier. For example, during confinement, she waited for the return of marine mammals to the Seine. Justine Le Pottier knows full well that they will not be walking around Paris, but the young woman is not lacking in humor.

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