Who Is Megan Hops? Peter Weber’s Contestant Is a Third-Generation Flight Attendant

Peter Weber is about to take the flight of his life on The Bachelor starting Jan. 6. But will he find his perfect companion? Only time will tell. However, the season already looks promising for Weber. ABC decided to cast multiple flight attendants who already understand the busy lifestyle of a pilot, including Megan Hops, the 26-year-old from San Francisco.

Who is Megan Hops from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

Megan Hops from 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Megan Hops from ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Maarten de Boer

From the looks of her Bachelor profile, Hops shares a similar background to Weber. The next bachelor’s father was a pilot and his mother was a flight attendant. Meanwhile, Hops is a third-generation flight attendant.

“Just like her mother and grandmother before her, Megan became a flight attendant with the goal of seeing the world,” the ABC bio reads.

Hops is also a proud dog mom to her pup, Bear, and very close to her family. One of her fun facts even refers to her mother as her “best friend.” And despite her parents’ divorce, Hops continues to be a hopeless romantic.

“Her parents split up when she was 18, but Megan still considers herself the definition of a hopeless romantic,” the bio says. “She is actually grateful that things worked out the way they did because she has gotten to see her mom fall in love again with her amazing stepdad. She says she has been in a few serious relationships, but only during one, year-long affair, would she say that she was ever truly in love.”

Now, the Bachelor contestant is searching for a “man who loves his career as much as she does and who can join her for spontaneous trips back to Portland to spend time with her family.” So seeing as Weber checks every mark, it’s no surprise Hops is “hopeful that true love is just around the corner and is hoping that she finds it when she gets out of the limo.”

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And from the looks of Hops’s Instagram feed, she excited to share her journey and seems to have a good sense of humor to go along with what’s on the horizon.

“Sista sistaaa, seriously though, how hot are my sister wives?” Hops captioned a photo of the cast. “Don’t forget to tune in January 6th!”

Chris Harrison wonders if ‘history repeats itself’ with Megan Hops and Peter Weber

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Almost a month prior to The Bachelor premiere, Chris Harrison live-streamed his takes on each of Weber’s 30 contestants. And of course, the host leaned in on Hops’s occupation.

“Megan from up in San Francisco. Did I mention we have some flight attendants?” Harrison said, putting two and two together. “We’re really laying heavy not only into the pageant thing, but also the flight attendant thing. So Peter is a pilot. I don’t know if you guys knew that… yeah. So Megan is a flight attendant.”

Nevertheless, Harrison added an interesting tidbit about Hops, revealing that she works for the same airline as another contestant — Eunice Cho. He doesn’t further explain how well they know each other. However, Cho and Hops seem to be friends, along with another fellow flight attendant, Jade Gilliland.

On Instagram, Hops referred to both women in kind. “We fly high, no lie, you know thissss,” Hops wrote. “My fave flight crew ever: @euniceashlee @jade.gilliland Buckle up batches, this is your purser speaking.”

Regardless, Harrison then reminded Bachelor Nation about the adorable love story between Weber’s parents, despite already introducing other flight attendants earlier in the broadcast. But do Harrison’s remarks here mean anything? Only time will tell.

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“Look for those that don’t know, Peter’s mom was a flight attendant and when Peter’s dad was a pilot, they met, fell in love and the rest is history,” Harrison said. “Peter really does admire and look up to his parents and their relationship and thinks that it’s something… a goal that he really wants to obtain. So will history repeat itself? Will he fall in love with a flight attendant? We’ll find out this season on The Bachelor.”

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