Who is Keechant Sewell, the first woman to lead NYPD

The fight against crime was one of the first concerns of New Yorkers for municipal governments. Elected as mayor of New York last november, Éric Adams do not intend to waste time. If he will only be invested on January 1, 2022, he has already appointed Keechant Sewell to the head of the New York police force, the NYPD.

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Police often criticized

Keechant Sewell, newly appointed head of the New York Police Department (NYPD) will have to rebuild trust between the population and his police, criticized for his handling of the anti-racist protests of 2020. “We will be focused on the fight against crime, in particular gun violence. The challenge for New York is to ensure public safety while holding the police accountable for their actions, “she said.

Two promises: security and justice

The new mayor, Eric Adams, himself a former police officer, has chosen a woman from the field. At 49, Keechant Sewell ran the Nassau County Investigation Department, just outside New York City. The first woman at the head of the NPYD, she is aware of the symbol she represents. “I bring a different vision. I am committed to making the police look like the city they serve, and women and people of color to rise to positions of responsibility,” she said.

While 25% of New Yorkers are black, the NYPD was no longer led by an African-American figure from …

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