Who is it! ‘Usain Bolt’ dipped 3 top players, the top speed line, joined the ‘Dream Team’ relay 4×100 m.

Usain Bolt, the former Jamaican whirlwind of eight gold medals at the Olympic Games, has named three footballers with speed. Enough to join the 4x100m team of his dreams, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Gareth Bale.

Usain Bolt The 34-year-old, still a runner who holds the record for the fastest man in 100 meters at 9.58 seconds, has been interviewed by FIFA on a variety of his favorite footballers. And one question was asked: If Bolt could choose three more footballers to join his 4x100m relay team, who would he choose?

By a whirlwind, the Jamaican immediately replied that the first one asked to choose. Cristiano Ronaldo The Portuguese national player aged 36 years. Juventus The next person is Kylian Mbappe The French national team player of the 2018 World Championship, aged 22 years from Paris Saint-Germain And the last one is Gareth Bale Wales national team player, age 31, who currently trade with Tottenham Hotspur With loan agreement All of which They are already famous in the speed line.

From the latest statistics collection Ronaldo Used to run 92 meters under 10 seconds and had a top speed of sprint 33 km / h while Mbappe It was recorded that there was an early speed of up to 36 km / h and in the list of Bell I used to speed at 36.9 km / h.

The bolt has the highest speed ever recorded at 44.7 km per hour, which referred to in an interview that Ronaldo May be the only athlete in the world That can beat him within 100 meters

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For the fastest footballer At this time it is Bruno Henrigao Flamengo’s 28-year-old speeder, who achieved 38 km / h during the Copa race. Libertadores Round of 8 in 2019

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