Who is Cristóbal Martell, the lawyer hired by Dani Alves?

Martell is one of the most prestigious lawyers in the country and, in addition to the Pujols, his clients include Mesi, Álvaro Lapuerta and Javier Martínez de la Rosa, as well as many other businessmen.

The prestigious criminal lawyer will assume the defense together with the lawyer Miraida Puente Wilson, an immigration lawyer who is fully trusted by the former Barça player. Wilson is the one who accompanied Alves last Friday to testify before the judge and who has always brought him matters related to immigration issues.

Who defended Dani Alves until now?

Miraida Puente, who advises Alves in his different companies and commercial activities, was the lawyer who assisted him in his arrest last friday and his statement before the investigating judge, who after the appearance agreed to send him to preventive detention, without bail.

According to the lawyer, she assisted the soccer player “as soon as different media outlets advanced the existence of the legal case and its specific purpose, helping the police force and the court itself to the volunteer made available by Dani Alves”.

Why has Alves signed Martell?

As Miraida Puente explained, Alves wanted to “strengthen” his defense with a specialist in criminal law after the decision of the judge of send him to prison no bail

Puente has explained that Martell will “collaborate” with her in the investigation and eventual trial of Alves, to “restore his honor and dignity and, in short, demonstrate his innocence of the facts that are charged to him”.

Cristóbal Tuesday is one of the most reputable lawyers in Barcelona.

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What other cases has Cristóbal Martell handled?

Cristóbal Martell is known for leading the defense of the former president of the Generalitat, Jordi Pujol, and his family, in the case of alleged corruption that is in the hands of the National Court. He has also represented the soccer player leo messi in his litigation for tax fraud, to Álvaro Lapuerta in the case of the PP box B or to Barça in the Neymar case.

He also handled the defense of Javier Martínez de la Rosa, in addition to many other cases related to economic crimes.

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