Who is Branquinho, the murderer who tried to kill his parents and was released

The registered assaulted a woman last wednesday, in Este São Pedro, he is an old acquaintance of the authorities, he served time for murder and he tried to kill his parents in a housing fire because they did not give him money for drugs or lend him a car. He threatened his parents again and ended up being prevented from approaching home.

Convicted of killing disabled man in Póvoa de Lanhoso

Cristiano Ferreira’s crime history, nickname White, now 38, started writing on the eve of New Year’s Eve 2004. That morning, together with three other friends, he devised a plan to rob and kill Domingos Mingot0, a man with mental disorders known for displaying 500 euro bills on the street, in Póvoa de Lanhoso. One of the friends was driving the car, while another was in the back seat. Cristiano and another friend were hidden in the trunk of the car.

When they saw the victim, who usually carried large amounts of money in a plastic bag, they offered him a lift. The man was briefly alive in the car, ending up being murdered with two shots to the head, fired by the young man who followed in the back seat. At the high, White was 23 years old. Despite not being the author of the shots, he was sentenced in 2006 to 14 and a half years in prison for murder, having served part of the sentence. He was released in mid-2017.

Accused of trying to burn parents alive at home

After being released from jail and upset by his parents not feeding him his heroin addiction, on the morning of September 26, 2017, he decided to water his room with ethyl alcohol while they were sleeping, then starting a fire. So that his parents wouldn’t escape alive, he held the door, preventing his father’s attempts to leave the room. The parent ended up calling the GNR, causing Cristiano to flee, but did not prevent the woman from suffering serious injuries to her feet.

After the crime, he went to his girlfriend, stealing 150 euros from his wallet. He fled to Italy, where he stayed for ten days, but got in touch with his mother, telling him that he would shoot his father if they did not deposit 5,000 euros in his bank account. He ended up being detained by Judicial Police inspectors as soon as he returned to Portugal, remaining in preventive detention at the Paços de Ferreira jail, pending trial.

Parents decided not to testify

In 2018, he went to court to answer for this crime. However, the parents decided not to tell the facts that they had previously reported, both to the Judiciary Police and to the prosecutors, as well as to the media. The registrant was eventually acquitted of the crime and released, since, without the victims’ testimony, it was not possible to prove that he was the author of the fire. Thus, he avoided a new penalty for two attempts at murder, even though he admitted to the police that he did it. He claimed to be “hangover” and that he “didn’t know what he was saying” during the first judicial investigation. He remained free but threatened to kill his parents again in 2019, which earned him condemnation with an electronic bracelet and a ban on approaching the parents’ home.

Robbery in the East of Braga

This Wednesday he was caught by the GNR after a robbery. He established contact with a woman and arranged to meet in an isolated location in that parish in the east of Braga to sell a mobile phone. The woman went to do the deal but ended up being threatened with a replica revolver, a fake weapon, handing over her cell phone and a camera that she had in her wallet, totaling around 600 euros in material that was stolen.

Returned to freedom

Since he was already registered and suspected of robberies in the region, GNR soldiers quickly realized who it was, after denouncing the victim, detaining the man in that parish. He spent the night in the dungeons to go to the Court of Guimarães the next morning, where coercive measures would be decreed. To the amazement of the police authorities, Cristiano was returned to freedom. Now the White obliged to report every day at the GNR post in Braga, pending a new trial.

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