Who has put more money in Netflix? Do you invest in Facebook? We are looking for the best investment strategy on Amazon!

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This is Monday, November 29, 2021. We start a new week in November with an analysis of the last moments of the most popular stocks globally. We study Netflix, Amazon and Facebook, and their current trajectory in the market. How will the week continue to be for these actions?

Let’s see what happens with the prices of these shares, where is their benefit for the investor …

Amazon quotes are not what they used to be.

Let’s analyze the last days of Amazon, which indicates some obvious levels, which has a lot to do with what we have been seeing lately. Is Amazon a good investment objective ?. In what are the last sessions, we find ourselves with lowering caps such as $ 3503.9, whose maximum price is reached at $ 3629.14. In relation to the current level, the value of Apple is about 3515.79 dollars, what do you think about investing in Amazon?

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/amazon/

Amazon real-time chart over a one-week time frame

The main advantages of investing in Netflix.

The Netflix stock, which started the week at $ 360.39, has suffered throughout its highs and lows. We will pay attention to two values ​​that may seem most important to us at these times; We were referring to the maximum uphill and downhill. The maximum is positioned at $ 675.67, while the maximum decline is found at an equivalent of $ 660.38. For the closing of the market, the value of Netflix will remain in unpredictable values, everything is a matter of the advance of the market, affected by the macroeconomic calendar, closely linked to what is happening in the market. Do you want to get Netflix shares? The current price we pay to pay for Netflix is ​​$ 666.83.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/netflix/

Real-time graph of the Netflix company in a period of time of one week

Are you aware of Facebook stumbling blocks?

The openings of this day were presented for Facebook with costs such as $ 188.31. What we observe next are the most worth seeing Facebook prices on which to base our study. We will find the up and down prices of Facebook, which we know to be the maximum and the maximum of descent, both of prices of 337.58 USD and 331.9 dollars, respectively. What is the best plan to launch our investment plan on Facebook? Right now, we are paying $ 333.91 for Facebook.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/facebook/

Real-time graph of Facebook in a time frame of one week



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