Who are the people who are prohibited from eating carrots? .. Clarifies a relationship

Carrots are one of the important foods for the human body, as they contain many distinct and important nutrients for the body, including vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, so eating them is one of the wonderful nutritional tricks..

But there are some warnings revealed by the “Novosti” agency when eating carrots, and nutrition expert Dr. Olga Korabliova revealed that diseases that are not recommended when eating carrots because they become harmful in the case of liver disease..

The nutritionist pointed out that carrots are one of the important foods that are good for the health of the skin, heart and blood vessels, and that it is also an important and useful food for people who want to lose excess weight, because it is low calorie content..

But the nutritionist explained that eating carrots for people with liver problems prevents the body from absorbing carotene and, among other contraindications to eating carrots, people with stomach and intestinal ulcers and inflammation of the walls of the small intestine. , they should avoid eating it

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