WHO advises people over 60 not to travel

Image: Dutch Height / ANP

People over 60 should put their travel plans on hold to avoid exposure to the risks associated with the omicron variant, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

He does repeat that general travel bans are not useful to stop the spread of the virus, whether mutated or not.

The WHO has identified omicron as worrisome and high-risk. After its discovery in South Africa last week, the variant has surfaced all over the world. So far, 56 countries have taken travel measures in an attempt to slow down Omikron imports.

Following the example of virologists and other scientists, the WHO states that the variant will certainly lead to more infections in Europe and elsewhere. People with conditions that put them at great risk of corona infection such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes and people over 60 are therefore well advised not to travel for the time being, according to the World Health Organization pending more clarity about the consequences and the danger of the new variant. .

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The WHO advises governments to take a close look at the screening, testing and isolation of air passengers. When taking action, be ‘calm, coordinated and coherent’, is the advice.


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