WHO: 5 billion people around the world cannot avoid toxic chemicals that trans fats will kill

WHO: 5 billion people worldwide cannot avoid trans fats, deadly toxic chemicals

Recently, the World Health Organization released “Countdown to 2023: WHO 2022 Global Trans Fat Elimination Status Report”, with the purpose of tracking the progress towards the goal of eliminating trans fat in 2023.

The report found thatFive billion people worldwide still cannot avoid harmful trans fats, increasing their risk of heart disease and death.Up to 500,000 people around the world die prematurely every year from coronary heart disease, and intake of trans fats is the chief culprit.

It is known that industrially produced trans fats are usually found inPackaged foods, baked goods, cooking oils and spreadsmiddle.

Trans fat is a deadly toxic chemical based on known information, WHO saysand impose enormous costs on the health system.

In 2018, WHO first called for the world to eliminate industrially produced trans fats within five years. 43 countries have now implemented best practice policies for trans fats in food, and 2.8 billion people around the world are protected.

But five billion people are still at risk of the devastating health effects of trans fats, and WHO calls on countries to follow specific standards set by WHO to eliminate trans fats, including mandatory national limits: Fats containing up to 2 grams of industrially produced trans fat; nationally enforced bans on the production or use of partially hydrogenated oils (a major source of trans fat) in food.

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