Whitney Houston review: every idol deserves a tribute to their height

What would you give to have Withney Houston singing in front of you? What would you give to feel your live shows again, with the same power and energy as always?

Now it is possible to experience it, because the voice with capital letters returns to the stage with its best hits in a tour format you never imagined:el Hologram Tour!

After a frustrated premiere in Las Vegas last year due to COVID 19, it was the Bankia Principe Pío Grand Theater that hosted its world premiere in Madrid. You will be able to enjoy it until April 2021, when it will continue its tour of other countries, we will tell you everything!


An immense stage, a live music band, a corps of first-rate dancers and the best light and sound effects await you inside the Principe Pío Train Station, anticipating what will be a surprising and unusual show for the public. And it is that eThis holographic concert is only possible thanks to a careful mix of innovation and pure show business experience. The innovative technology used comes from the hand of Base Hologram, a pioneer company in the recreation of images with large and recognized montages behind them. In addition, from the artistic side, the acclaimed art director and creative Fátima Robinson, who directs and choreographs, joins the project. The result: a show worthy of the artist who stars in it.

The sum of technical and human effort gives an aesthetically impressive and unexpected result, where the physical merges with the virtual in a continuous and unstoppable concert. From the professional band that accompanies the artist with the music strictly live, followed by the accompaniment of singers, the effects, the rhythm of the show, the energetic body of dancers always immersed in dynamic choreography … and as a culmination, the light show and huge screens, with projections that turn each song into a tribute to Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston review: every idol deserves a tribute to their height

The realism and exceptional integration of the artist’s hologram with the rest of the show made us plunge into the music, forgetting what was real and what was projected, remaining absorbed in the voice, the music, the movement and the spectacle. Faith of this is the Irrepressible emotion of many spectators, as experiencing the posthumous concert of a great icon like Whitney Houston is a privilege. And it is that the voice, the feelings, and the vibration at the level of the sternum are the same.

A great montage for a great show, at the height of its star. A careful staging, with enveloping atmospheres that take you in crescendo to Witheny’s vocal excess, which fills every corner of the theater. AND of course, her: the great Withney Houston, as the center and guide of the whole concert.

Whitney Houston review: every idol deserves a tribute to their height

We don’t miss any of the most iconic hits in the repertoire, with a carefully chosen set list for us to move on to their best performances: I wanna dance with somebody, Higher Love, I have nothing, Greatest love of all or the best known themes from the movie The Bodyguard I Will always love you and Run to you. With such a real and almost tangible Withney moving across the stage. The most staunch fans will be satisfied with their nostalgia and it will not disappoint those who discover the artist on this tour. Because in the stalls we saw people of all ages get excited by the realism of the staging.

Special mention to beware of COVID measures on the part of the theater staff: great caution at entrances and exits, orderly and in progressive lines to avoid accumulation of people at the doors, individual tables with great separation between them, and mandatory masks throughout the performance, so that security does not stop enjoying every minute.

All fans deserve the live of our idol. All idols deserve a tribute to their height. No matter how demanding you consider yourself as a fan, or the memory you have of their live shows: this concert is a unique and novel experience.

Whitney Houston review: every idol deserves a tribute to their height

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