White House: Trump Not Back in Oval Office Yet | Abroad

“Although the president wanted to be in the Oval Office yesterday, he was not there. He worked from his residence, ”said a White House spokesman. Shortly before that, economic adviser Larry Kudlow had argued otherwise. He told CNBC television that “the president actually appeared in the Oval Office.” According to Kudlow, extra safety measures had been taken.

Trump, who contracted the coronavirus, left the hospital on Monday and returned to the White House. Already during his hospitalization, he was accused of being too careless about the safety of people in his environment. For example, the president briefly left the hospital on Sunday to be driven around and to be able to wave to supporters. There were security guards in his car at the time.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he does not want to debate Trump if he is still struggling with corona.

White House

More than ten people in the president’s area have recently been tested positive for the virus. Kudlow said contacts are being tracked and “we are doing the absolute best we can.” The extra security measures are to prevent the virus from spreading further to White House employees. Trump can also pass on the virus without symptoms. After his discharge from hospital, he showed himself without a mouth mask. He also got close to other people.

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