White coat case: pm, widespread involvement of Fontana – Lombardia

The brother-in-law to the governor’s wife: ‘The order has arrived, I am not writing to him’


There is “the widespread involvement of Fontana in the matter relating to masks and gowns accompanied by the equally evident desire to avoid leaving traces of his involvement through written messages”. This can be read in the request for the delivery of mobile phones to the main protagonists of the ‘gown case’, signed by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, and in which a text of April 16 is also reported in which Andrea Dini, brother-in-law of the governor, informs his sister Roberta Dini, wife of the Lombard president, in this way: “Order smocks arrived. I preferred not to write it to Acts”. She replies: “Right so well”.

For the prosecutors of Milan there would be “full awareness” of Andrea and Roberta Dini, respectively brother-in-law and wife of the governor Attilio Fontana, regarding the “situation of conflict of interest” in the case of the supply of gowns and other PPE by Dama. This can be read in the request for delivery of the mobile phones of the main protagonists of the story. According to the prosecutors, Andrea and Roberta Dini would have prepared “instrumental donations of masks” to “pre-establish a test to be used to reply to the presumed controversies” on the conflict of interest on the “order of gowns”. In a message between Andrea Dini and a manager of Dama, the first writes: “We have to donate many more masks (…) if they break us for the supply of gowns due to brother-in-law, we respond like this”.

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