While crying, Danish PM apologizes for the mink massacre

COPENHAGEN, KOMPAS.com – While wiping away tears, the Prime Minister Denmark Mette Frederiksen on Thursday (26/11/2020) personally apologized for the handling of the crisis in which the mutated version corona virus just pushed the government to destroy millions cerpelai on the farm.

The head of government was visiting a mink farmer in the city of Kolding, whose animal was euthanized even though it was healthy, although it later proved that the government had no legal right to do so.

“I have no problem with apologizing for what happened, because mistakes have been made,” Frederiksen told broadcaster TV2. AFP.

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Looking emotional, Frederiksen paused several times to wipe away the tears, and stressed that it is important to remember that it is not the fault of the farmer.

“It’s because of the corona, and I hope to be a little light in the dark at this point for Danish mink breeders,” said Frederiksen.

In early November, Denmark, the world‘s largest exporter of mink, announced that it would destroy more than 15 million minks in the country after a mutated version of the new coronavirus was discovered that is believed to jeopardize the effectiveness of future vaccines.

SHUTTERSTOCK/Aleksandra Saveljeva Mink illustration

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However, days after the announcement, the government admitted it had no legal basis to order the action.

Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen apologized and finally resigned last week.

Following Jensen’s resignation, the Health Ministry concluded that the potential threat to human vaccines was “very likely to be extinguished,” in the absence of any new cases of the mutated version.

According to the latest tally, more than two-thirds of the country’s estimated 15 to 17 million minks have been destroyed.

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