While costing € 80, NBA 2K21 does broadcast advertisements during uploads

NBA 2K21 is also this year causing basketball fans to discuss, who find themselves once again having to deal with the very aggressive monetization policies promoted by the publisher 2K Games.

As in NBA 2K20, the non-skipping commercials in between-game uploads, and in 2KTV mode.

In the tweet above, we can see a Oculus Quest 2 trailer, the new virtual reality headset from Facebook.

The user who shared the twitter emphasizes this: if with NBA 2K20 this type of operation was particularly questionable, on NBA 2K21 it becomes even more so.

The game will be sold for € 80 in the next-gen version, and now reserve l’upgrade a PS5 e Xbox Series X behind the Mamba Forever Edition sold at that price.

The video is taken from the version for the consoles of the current generation, so we do not know if it will be maintained on the next platforms.

Despite the overcharge, and the discussions generated last year, 2K Games therefore does not take a step back and continue on this path.

A similar case had happened at thelatest game of UFC, with Electronic Arts that he immediately removed advertisements after seeing the low appreciation of the players.

NBA 2K21 was the first title, however, to leak the intention of the publishers of raise prices for next-gen games.

In case you want to buy the Mamba Forever version, here you find the Amazon link to take her home.

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