Which of the top six brands – featuring Grand Seiko, TAG Heuer Carrera, and Citizen radio-controlled timepieces – ignites your passion for an anniversary watch?

According to the ancient Roman calendar, March is not only the beginning of the year, but also the season suitable for expeditions. It is said that the plan of a year lies in spring, which makes this month especially suitable for reviewing the past and learning the new, those anniversary timepieces that are about to usher in the weight of Mount Tai.

Carrera Chronograph 60th Anniversary Edition_$242,300 by TAG Heuer

25th Anniversary, Grand Seiko 9S Automatic Movement

Never stop thinking about the essence of the watch, helping Grand Seiko, which was born in 1960, demonstrate the highest standard of watchmaking technology to the world, and the 9S automatic movement, which came out in 1998, has been used in the mainspring, hairspring and escapement system one after another. The introduction of the latest technology in movement technology not only opened a new era of professional watchmaking for the brand, but also laid an excellent foundation for the revolutionary 9SA5 movement launched in 2020. For this legendary movement that has been around for 25 years, Grand Seiko launched two commemorative watches. The appearance not only inherits the case style and size of the first 9S movement in 1998, but also continues the precision and style characteristics of the watch. GS, as always, has the delicate aesthetics of understated elegance.

30th Anniversary, Citizen Radio-controlled Timepiece

Citizen, which also comes from Japan, and focuses on creating close to the wearer’s daily needs and excellent experience, this year ushers in the 30th anniversary of the radio-controlled timepiece. This revolutionary watch, which rewrites the precise definition of a watch, can automatically receive standard time radio waves every day, automatically correct the date and time, and subsequently combine Citizen’s housekeeping skills with light-dynamic movement to create a variety of appearance and practicality. Both works. The two men’s watches of the 30th anniversary limited edition are both equipped with light-driven multi-station radio wave movements, or combined with super titanium, a special material, or with a delicate and restrained design to reflect the watch’s character. The pricing is not only affordable, but also full of commemorative significance.

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Left: 25th anniversary, 9S 25th anniversary commemorative model SBGH311_$190,000 by Grand Seiko; Right: 30th anniversary, radio-controlled timepiece 30th anniversary limited edition AT8254-61E_$47,800 by Citizen

35th Anniversary, Frederique Constant

Not taking the exaggerated and extravagant route, there is also Frederique Constant, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. The original intention of this brand is “Swiss watches at reasonable prices”. This year, it launched two Highlife series world time zone watches equipped with self-made FC-718 automatic movement. Blue dial, the general model is made of fine steel case, and matched with brown dial and strap, the latter also provides three straps including brown alligator leather, rubber strap of the same color, and stainless steel chain strap, making Frederique Constant this anniversary The gift is more sincere.

50th Anniversary, Baume & Mercier

The new work is also related to travel. The Baume & Mercier Riviera series GMT dual time watch brings people back to 50 years ago in an instant. . Although the two watches are not commemorative models for the 50th anniversary, they are the first time in the series to introduce the style of loading the time function of two places. They are the blue dial with the same color rubber strap, and the silver dial with the stainless steel chain strap. In addition to being equipped with Swiss-made movements, both watches are housed in a 42mm stainless steel case and have a quick-release function for the strap. Both are priced within NT$100,000, making them the first choice for trendy sportswear.

60th Anniversary, TAG Heuer Carrera

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Although the above are all temporary choices for the anniversary, if you really want to choose one that is exciting and eager to start, you must mention the legendary TAG Heuer Carrera series chronograph watch that has just passed its 60th anniversary. 60th Anniversary Edition. The prototype of this watch comes from the 2447 SN watch in the late 1960s. It is a watch with elegant appearance, simple design and excellent time reading. It is inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Carrera Panamericana. Worn by many motorsports legends or film stars, it was known for its silver surface with black counters (the so-called “Panda” design), but now it is equipped with Heuer 02 self-winding self-winding movement, which is more modern and limited in the world 600 pieces, it is the first heavyweight work launched in the Carrera series to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

Left: 35th Anniversary, Highlife Worldtimer Self-made Movement Series World Time Zone Watch_$148,000 by Frederique Constant; Middle: 50th Anniversary, Riviera Series GMT Dual Time Watch_$99,000 by Baume & Mercier; Right: 70th Anniversary, 5th Ten Fathoms Tech Gombessa Watch_$896,000 by Blancpain

70th Anniversary, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms Collection

Pioneering modern diving watches, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series has not only been a reliable partner for professional divers and underwater explorers for 70 years, but has also made significant contributions to ocean exploration and conservation. As the second chapter of the 70th anniversary celebration of the Fifty Fathoms series, Blancpain released a brand-new model “Tech Gombessa” last month that is astounding four seats and fully meets the requirements of today’s technical diving. The president and CEO of the brand, Marc A. The patented innovative technology jointly developed by Hayek and Laurent Ballesta, the founder of “Coelacanth Expedition Research”, launched this unprecedented watch that can measure up to three hours of diving time, and once again established the professional, reliable and sturdy diving of the Fifty Fathoms series. representative status.

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Text by Adrian Chou Images: courtesy of brands

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