Which of the following processes releases carbon dioxide?

Which of the following processes releases carbon dioxide? Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen. Plants are one of the organisms that produce their own food through a process of metabolism, known as photosynthesis, as they consume sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce energy and release gaseous oxygen, and we will find out by answering the question which of the following processes releases dioxide carbonic.

Which of the following processes releases carbon dioxide?

There are many chemical processes that occur in nature or in the body of a living organism, for example, a person carries out the process of breathing by inhaling gaseous oxygen from the air and releasing carbon dioxide, and in the process of decomposition it is carbon dioxide, it also comes released, then the answer To the question are among the options, those available (photosynthesis and respiration, photosynthesis and combustion of fuel, respiration and decomposition) are

  • breathing and decomposition.

Define your breathing

The breathing process in the human body is the process of transferring oxygen from outside the body to the cells of the body and the transfer of carbon dioxide from the cells of the body to the outside, through the processes of internal and external respiration, the cells then release energy, while in external respiration the lungs absorb oxygenated air through the process of inhalation and release of air containing carbon dioxide from the body through the process of exhalation.

What is the significance of the decomposition process?

Decomposition is a chemical process in which the breakdown of dead organisms, whether animal or plant, produces nutrients and fertilizers suitable for the soil, as well as a group of gases such as carbon dioxide.

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