Which new series makes your blood run cold: Netflix insider tip: “Night Stalker: On the hunt for a serial killer”

Night Stalker: Not for the faint of heart

The series tells the story of one of America’s most heinous serial killers and gives viewers a glimpse into one of California’s most mysterious homicides. It tells the true story of Richard Ramirez, how he was hunted down by the police and how he received his just punishment.

The investigators had a particularly difficult time with the case. It took a lot of time and energy to put an end to the bloody murders in Los Angeles. The reason for this: The Night Stalker left no clues and did not reveal any patterns in his murders, as is normally the case for serial killers. This posed a great challenge to the police. There was no connection between the fatal attacks, nor between the victims. He chose them completely arbitrarily. The man entered houses seemingly indiscriminately through unlocked windows and doors and made the people he found there his victims. In addition to women and men, Ramirez did not stop at children and senior citizens. The place of residence or the social class played no role for him either. The only thing that remained the same was the approach: Ramirez chose his victims, watched them and put a terrible end to them that night. As a souvenir, the serial killer kept leaving devil symbols in the form of a pentagram at the crime scenes.

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Interplay of real images and statements

The mini series by Tiller Russel consists of four parts. The detailed and genuine statements of the people who had to do with Ramirez at the time make it clear to the viewers how much the cruel murders and terrible experiences at that time terrified the residents of California. Original photos of the case and exclusive archive material also make the blood run cold. The creepy true crime series will be available to stream on Netflix from January 13th.


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